Top 39 MMO and MMORPGs for game lovers

Top  MMO and MMORPGs for game lovers

Gaming is great entertainment for many, but MMORPGs are playing the role of a different kind of virtual entertainment. There is just some amazing which would make you follow madly in hours to moulding your character and carry to the other world of excitement and entertainment.

What makes MMO and MMORPGs video gaming differentiate from other prominent video games is the game needs more patience, hard work and ingenuity. This, MMORPGs is not merry fun instead it’s a platform of next level existence that one needs to be altered as they want.

This categorized is enveloped by legends now. It is a risk in the fact to choose the best of the best. While confronting the challenges, our experienced hands spend weeks to create characters, raiding, blowing up planets etc.

After successful testing, recall and suggestions, we’ve entitled the list of our 39 best MMO & MMORPGs to nourish in the future. We carry all to the space of 40 adventure fantasy world to entertain and get fascinated. 

To count the best MMO & MMORPGs for the entertainment in future.

1. Final Fantasy XIV

Main characteristics:

  • It’s conjunction gameplay, all the most dangerous enemies are on the grass fields.
  • It is an easy game and at the same time, it is difficult to stop
  • Awell-fascinated storyline has been developed

The ever ending Final Fantasy storyline enables more interest to one of the best MMO games of all time. Perhaps, we used to pick one and Final Fantasy XIV was the final choice. The five years old Square Enix masterpiece won countless titles as it has influenced many.

The beautiful designed Eorzea will arouse joy and it feels like home when you go through the Seventh Umbral calamity. The original release of this version in 2010 made a rush and the final version blew the gaming world away. 

2. The Elder Scrolls Online

Main characteristics:

  • It is very challenging, designed in such a way that it will try to explore the very limits of your capability
  • It is not a very new MMO, it has years of experience
  • It demands amazing twist on amazing superstition

Even before The Elder Scrolls enrol on online officially, there was a rumour made wondering if there will be a TES MMORPG. Through flawless work by the people at Bethesda, eons and eons of superstition and innovative ideas made this as one of the top MMORPG games of all time. 

You just play between three factions and battle against spies, dragons and other supernatural enemies. Frequent updates and DLCs are effectively kept this awesomely designed game going for a long time. Better don’t miss to play such a work of art. 

3. MapleStory 2

Main characteristics:

  • Game develop entertaining skills
  • Rich in a social element to the game-players can chat with each other, trade and develop a group
  • Fascinating design, given the prominent focus on realistic gaming experience

MapleStory 2 is developed by Wizet and Published by several varied companies, MapleStory 2 is much-developed series of an initial anime-based title.The real mix of PvP and PvE, made this game an excellent for shorter bursts of gaming, as it has a real sense of dashing battle. Anyway, for a long time game, this game will not disappoint you. Just two months before Maplestory 2 influence flourished in the video gaming platform. 

 4. Runescape

Main characteristics:

  • It’s a top influential MMORPG that changed the concept of gaming what we know today
  • A really fun game full of addition
  • for the winner will get attractive rewards in DualArenas

Runescape became a prominent game for those game players from 2001 and after. While on gaming we can chat with others over the game. Still, this game running as one of the best MMO 2019 games and even now people have been streaming it on Twitch.

This game has a mobile version, so you can play the game even when you are on a journey, thus you can experience the top MMORPGs much-demanded game. Runescape introduced fan-implemented changes what just the Jagex(the game developer) promoted the community to add to it. 

  1. Burning SoulWorker

Main characteristics:

  • This unique style design and anime-styled top MMORPG become differ from other titles.
  • Simple and interesting storyline, thus it won the hearts of game players.
  • Than even seasoned MMO and MMORPG players can test different challenges
  • The game is designed in a similar style to that of anime and archives world around success. 

This Burning SoulWorker game has many expectations, as you enter into the events of the opening of the void you can choose any one of the six characters to battle. This is an interesting game. 

In the game you adorned with superpowers and overwhelming confidence, you are prepared in for a treat lion game studio announced a continuation recently. If everything goes as per plan you will be able to see other updates of the list of the best 39 MMO to play in future

  1. Guild Wars2

Main characteristics:

  • This game has a unique storyline which response through the player’s attitude and actions.
  • Ever-changing quests in the game
  • Don’t have any subscription charges, this is always in the MMORPG world 

Guild War 2 is an exciting game and a rare one in the MMORPG game has a story, the story inspires the work of art and the game modified creates. The story was based on a collection of short stories by HP Lovecraft. This story is a great tribute to all horror and fantasy work. The graphics give a special attraction to the game.

Take a sword and battle in the way through lots of enemies and at least defeat the elder dragon. This is not a new game of MMO by any means, this is a much-demanded game and can be able to play for many years. ArenaNet and NCSOFT created this sensational game.

7. Blade and soul

Main characteristics:

  • The game has a powerful anime domination
  • Real-time battle arrangements and a lot of camera angle view for a fascinating experience 
  • You will experience the PvE part of the game and to advance the PvP experience

NCSOFT always do something big to enrich the new gaming experience. They do modify this Blade and Soul as well so, the player needs to do a little practice before entering into PvP combat. This made countless skilled players as they got enough battling experience with other enemies.

The amazing Asian culture inherited in this game made it special and wonderful, especially Qing Gong. Though it’s not a new MMORPG2019, Blade and soul game is still popular and played by millions of players globally. 

8. Warframe

Main characteristics:

  • Using attractive latest advanced design for all those are exhausted of the same swords and shields 
  • The game id fused with elements of parkour and varied types of combat
  • Lots of efforts taken for improving skills and nature changed to an open world environment

The game focused on Digital extremes from the very beginning of the game(2000) the game they released in 2013. After the risky release saw a rush of around 40 million players in 2018, this is what wished for every developer.

If you are a hard fan of RPGs with more latest features and co-op modes rather than the classic MMO system, this is what you are looking for. The stages and skill systems are very much differ than other games. 

  1. Lineage II Classic

Main characteristics:

  • Per account has 7 different characters
  • Frequently updated ‘sagas’ and storyline
  • The game is anime based and the advanced plot in the game is capable to attract any MMO and MMORPG player

NCSOFT crafted this game with more advanced technology designed MMORPG at first the lineage game calculated our curiosity and Lineage II Classic made us fall in love with the characters and other futures. Even after 16 years, the game came into existence, still, it’s compelling approach to PvP and PeV combat made it one of the best 39 MMO and MMORPG to play in the future.

10. Black Desert Online

Main characteristics:

  • This game has realistic features and one of the rare MMORPGs, its include real-life elements such as weather disasters, day/night changes. 
  • Included large scale events, they are sieges between the kingdoms of Calpheon and Valencia
  • specially made houses, shields and weapons

While Pearl Abyss created this game with more futuristic elements and set high fantasy world MMORPG top game. MMORPG never added such elements like NCP living a real-life and having actual thing to do.

The modified engine used for the original Black Desert to generate quick performance. Thus you are in the next world of gameplay in smooth and realistic. Can’t avoid the fact that this is one of the best MMO games in the category. This futuristic game will flourish over time.

11. World of Warcraft Classic

Main characteristics:

  • Time beating experience and interesting story
  • The attractive rapid attack and dungeon system established to check the talents of a players skill
  • A continuous transforming community with the Classic title

It’s a fact that this game will gain big applause because of the advances elements added in the game. This is one of the best MMO games of all time. The realistic appearance and the realm of popular culture give more popularity to the game. Comparing this game with Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne; this is the best one.

Everyone should be so conscious while playing this MMO game, when you start this game it is not easy to get away from the game. It will become an addiction for players. This interesting game will arise anxiety and excitement frequently in you.

  1. New World

Main characteristics:

  • This is one among the top MMORPG that focuses on past times, it doesn’t consider any fantastic world or any imaginary future.
  • Several levels and many characters resemble a nightmarish 17th century North America.
  • The plot exists in real life, that you not often witness

The Alpha Version launch by Amazon game studios made excitement in everyone. When you try this game you will feel the real gaming experience and, surely, it is the best new MMORPG you experience now. The most interesting fact in this is the Americans get interested in history aficionados and seasoned MMORPG players. It’s not often that MMO comes to shake everyone with new features. The game is overwhelmed with many new features and the plot is different from others. The additional features such as Twitch-integration any many exited rewards and celebrated events.

  1. Crowfall

Main characteristics:

  • This is everything designed for everyone so that players are independent to make any move and take risks. 
  • Individual players have the freedom to complete the task and are allowed to form an alliance
  • Every player has both advantages and disadvantages initiate you to plan around.

The game designed by Artcraft, as part of doing something different Artcraft, designed the game and it looks like they have an ideal contender for the best new MMORPG 2019. Being tried for something different, they managed to blend astonishing designs with politics. While starting this game you have to become a politician and try hard to gain as much as you can. As based on the health system on hierarchy, you can join with other players and can become world ruler unanimously.

  1. Lost Ark

Main characteristics:

  • The game is action-centric and has many additional strategic elements.
  • Different camera angles in the game give a realistic feel for the entire game
  • Monster like enemies gives unique experience.

The game has a futuristic feel and gives a different experience. The realistic feel in the game gained more appreciation from both critics and fans alike. Thus this game has become one of the best MMORPG. The best version of the game gives an energetic experience. The blend of the past and future plot influences all players from the very beginning to the end. To become a winner in this game you have to defeat the last demon Lord Kazeros and his six nightmarish legions. This game is an astonishing experience and several new elements carry you to the world of realistic entertainment.

  1. Ascent: Infinite Realm

Main characteristics:

  • The game is set in the world of where machine rules over humans.
  • All the battle in the game is done from a vehicle
  • You are free to modify your machine and can make the necessary changes in the game

 Kakao Games introduced this game with new features. They made the game based on futuristic elements. All the players in the game focus on your machines such as jets, mounts and other vehicles. It’s a first experience in the history of MMORPG and you will feel excited to see the result. This video game is an amazing blend of nature and futurism as it became one of the best MMORPG games. Get ready for the battle between machine and man. The question is who will win the game?

  1. Ashes of Creation

  Main characteristics:

  • Every player in the game results in the world in this MMORPG
  • Your actions and decisions are prominent in the game, NPC effect give new experience
  • The central piece of the game is castle sieges of this MMO

Interpret studios introduced this game as their prestigious work of art as a contender for the best MMORPG. The spectacular background settings in the game refresh all players. The game is a battle between guilds and gang. You will be able to assemble from wizards to trebuchets to attack enemies with the background of high fantasy. 

 There are different aspects and commends to defend your owe region. Are you a wisher of old school strategic battle Ashes of Creation is the best game. This game will enrich your skill and consideration.

  1. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

Main characteristics:

  • The merge of mythology with strategy effectively
  • Demands players corporation with others in the political turmoil
  • Much attention and concentration needed in the encounter

In the game, many preparations are needed to play the game, Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. The players needed to do maximum research the enemies and have thorough knowledge about the weapons and spells. This approach will enact players to play future real-life wars. With all the interesting features in the game demolish old-time techniques and designs. Thus this innovative game enlisted in the best MMORPG and MMO games to play in the future.

  1. Chronicles of Elyria

Main characteristics:

  • The first in MMORPG where the character grows old and dies
  • To be master in basic economic principles in the beginning.
  • Needed quest and it is non–repeatable

Soulbound studios decided to emerge with a real-life action game with all the realistic features. After the MMORPGs came into an exit, this game became a key player. The game is a purely realistic one. You don’t have to do a quest and the time is limited to gain attention on the world. The decision is yours to become a ruthless assassin, as a peasant or an eminent king. Choose the best!

  1. Camelot Unchained

Main characteristics:

  • It takes to Arthurian myth of medieval Britain
  • Players are allowed to purchase so the players will affect the economy of the game 
  • Have to focus on crafting armor, solid weapons and many more

City State Entertainment decided to design a game on the legend of King Arthur. King Arthur is prominent in till date and became a myth. Many developers attempted to design but failed because of the multi challenge.In this Camelot Unchained, you can experience the impression power of King Arthur and get to fix with him, the Celts or the Vikings. As you think you have the power to set a battle, this is the way to explore it.

  1. Saga of Lucimia

Main characteristics:

  • No PeV
  • The players can join together to defeat enemies and can conquer all parts of the world
  • The long storyline, it may take a long time to finish in their gross

The Saga of Lucimia is a typical tabletop legendary game which included by the fantasy genre. This game is an MMORPG highly professional gamers. This game is only for those are seriously planning to take each step and well conscious in every adventurous move. All the players in the game have a specific role.As a die-hard fan of Dungeons and Dragons, you will get a clear picture of the game why listed in the 39 best MMO and MMORPG to play in the future. Stormhaven studios designed the community sector and the result is as long as an epic.

  1. Identity

Main characteristics:

  • Latest advanced setting
  • Players are free to go to any extent, it means it.
  • Players are liberal to form their economy and community on the server

The modern setting seen in MMORPGs is not very often, but the game identity is above the usual style of MMO game. While considering the game the options are limitless. You are free to make any move, you can go to school, able to start your own business, go broke and even give up in jail. The game gained popularity in the Kickstart Champaign, as it is the first game characterizing real life this much active.It is only your responsibility to start your own business in this amazing game designed by Asylum entertainment. In the game, you can set your own rules in your server or you can able to join the existing one. This game provided you with ample space to do whatever you like.

22. Star Citizen

Main characteristics:

  • The central theme is out of sci-fi movie, filled with a galactic alliance and evil aliens playing in the game
  • The weapons provided you can upgrade or even downgrade it
  • Quick decisions; everything in your hands 

Chris Roberts who designed this game he is also a designer of Privateer and Wing Commander to design this game he later joined forces with Cloud Imperium Games Corporation. The game is built in a way of hybrid of World of Warcraft and Star Trek. Thus this game makes you a reimagine what MMORPGs are all about.

Every step in the game will affect those billions of denizens within the Milky Way. In the game, few reactions will be arises quickly meanwhile rest of others will display after the real-time. Are you ready to take this mission!

 23. Dual Universe

Main characteristics:

  • Used new Continuous Single Shard Cluster server tech this allows millions to players to play in the same world
  • Built by new futuristic sci-fi cosmos which is full of adventurous and danger
  • Set of realistic economy

Novaquark Delivered the early alpha version. Thereafter dual universe has developed its potential to be the best new MMO game in the year 2019. Anyway, this time giving congratulations to new tech for without altering the separation between the players.

In the game, you will be able to take part in a whole cosmos of events and their interaction, as influencing its loaded real economy. It’s all up to you to build a civilization or try to vanish it. The whole known and unknown universe is in front of you for the pending decision. The fearless decision makes you a perfect leader.

24. Fractured MMO

Main characteristics:

  • Gives you full freedom to start your own business and can take any role in the world ● The selecting race will affect your continuity within the game
  • The player can achieve anything and can build stronger based on the community you would choose 

What makes this Fractured MMO game makes differ from others is that the entire game is focused and promoting, encouraging teamwork. You can flourish your business to new heights as possible to reach. You will never build your business stronger without a skilled guild.

This Fractured MMO permits you to overpower 400+ skills and abilities. Your single step and a single business decision may decide your destiny as you want to be a king or a peasant. Dynamite Studios outstandingly performed well with the title.

25. Legends of Aria

Main characteristics:

  • Based on your decisions millions of storyline waiting 
  • As per your and other players concern lore that expands 
  • You can control a region you can start a business or can be a spy 

This Legends of Aria is one of the most interesting MMORPGs to play in 2019 and beyond first you look into this game you can see that even every minute details have been constructed in topmost perfection. When you gaze at the game first, you will see that every detail has been developed to perfection. You and your enemies have to respond with complex mechanisms. 

While choosing this you can fall down the economy, become a dictator or even presume a theft and steal from the rich. You can imagine whatever you like in this amazing fantasy world. 

The Top MMO / MMORPGs Games Creating The Buzz

This genre game allows players a unique feeling of interactions. These games allow you to spend a lot of time without any apathetic.

  1. Soulworker

Soulmaker is full action based MMORPG game developed by loin games and the game is published by Gameforge. This game came into existence on 26th February 2016 for the Microsoft Windows. Soulworker has multiple layers with 100 PvE Dungeons with levelled bosses. This game has a unique anime-style function joint in combination with 4 different classes and various action thrilling battles.The game works on third-person camera perspective as well as a combo-based battle system. In the game have new feature a card system, using this card you can acquire, provide and collect all cards useful for the combat.

 A robust crafting system used in the game will entertain you and keep you active for hours. Try this soul worker for more fascinating entertainment MMORPG with attractive features and many more merits.

  1. Bless Unleashed

Bless Unleashed is another forthcoming action-filled MMORPG developed by Round 8 studios along with NEOWIZ. This game will be planned to make available on Xbox one. The game is structured in a free play model. Using the Powerful unreal engine 4 Bless Unleashed is being built on.

 In the case of graphics used in the game is visually amazing and stunning. In the game, the battle system is chained together attacks to gain combos and dodging. This Bless Unleashed will become one of the engaging combat as ever seen in the MMORPGs. This Bless Unleashed game is designed in such a way that the solo has to complete all the content. In the five classes, you can choose any players. The designers never compromised in integrating PvP mode and a deep progression system. 

 Though Bless Unleashed is full of all futuristic elements and an additional feature is that it is available in Xbox also.

  1. Last Oasis

The last Oasis is an MMO game and it is developed by Donkey Crew. This amazing game was released on September 3rd 2019 for PC. The speciality of this game is that it is developed in a unique style. Last Oasis is taking place in a post-apocalyptic world where the survivors have to run fast the burning sun using the technically brimming walking machine. 

 While the game realized the developer had announced that the game has many features such as resource gathering, crafting base-building and have an astonishing play driven economy etc.

The combat system took place on both feet as well as via machine walkers. The counter fight in the game is dynamically, skillfully executed. The players used walking machines in the game is fully customized with full attachments and upgrades. This feature allowed players to choose any style of the play. The greatest challenge in the game is the survivors have to escape from the harsh post-apocalyptic world. Guilds and clans are the only sources to escape from this world. The Last Oasis is a fresh concept and it is original in all terms. The overall performance of the game is quite different than other visual games.

29. Mavericks: Proving Grounds

Mavericks: Proving Grounds is an amazing game MMO shooter. The game is developed and published by Automaton Games. This game is released in 2019 for the Microsoft Windows.

While talking about Mavericks: Proving Grounds:it is a first-person/third-person shooter that will feature MMO and with high-quality battle elements. The game is such a great interest for players,the developers announced the 400-player battle royale mode. Thus this game provides skilled players and powerful performance.

After the mega-success of the first version, the game developers made another announcement that they will promote this game to the next level, introducing a 1000 player royale mode very shortly. This great move will supply more energy and consistent with the world around gamers.

Mavericks: Proving Grounds Have a lot of interesting new features they are destructible environments, terrain deformation and wildlife. Players have to confront a huge, 100 square mile map. This is an amazing game, but when it comes to the matter of advanced technology and new generation the game make a huge hit.

30. Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis is an amazing project of MMORPG it is developed by Black Eye Games. The game has huge access. Gloria Victis is made for the Microsoft Windows, but the official later commented that the game can be ported to the macOS and Linux very soon. The game is great entertainment for the players. You can spend hours cheerfully. 

Gloria Victis is set in a realistic model and background in a low fantasy medieval world. In the large space opened for you to form guilds and conquer territory. The game exactly featured a non -target combat system, similar to that of Mount and Blade.

The players have the freedom to choose the economy of Gloria Victis, as well as players, is capable to choose from and advance in 8 realistic crafts. The game has the classless progression system, allowing players to play in a unique style.

The Gloria Victis developers recently announced a wide range of new features, that will be a grace for the game such as mounts, player housing, sailing, naval combat, sieges, and a well structured mature storyline. Though all this added feature made this game an amazing MMORPG.

31. Worlds Adrift

Worlds Adrift is an amazing MMO sandbox game which has been developed and published by Bossa Studios. The game was released on May 24th, 2017, for the Microsoft Windows.

Worlds Adrift is ultimately delivered without a script sandbox MMO and it is based on physics.

In the game, there was a world of thousands of floating islands aboard a flying ship here players can explore enthusiastically. The world is resolute and very active. This wonderful land will interact with all players amazingly.Worlds Adrift has given a lot of preference to the world of physics. If you want to come across a powerful wild wall, you need a large and heavy ship. The ships in the game are fully made of player and it is customizable. 

The game does not contain any set mission of quest and doesn’t need any experience points. The skill and knowledge is the prime element you need to succeed in the game. Games do not have any specific directions, any rules, or even don’t have any boundaries. The game is full of adventure and this game unique for players. 

 Worlds Adrift Giving permitting you to joint and cooperate with other players in this fantasy world of an exact freedom. The real sense of wonder and adventure you will feel from this unparalleled game.

32. Population Zero

Population Zero action takes place on an unfriendly alien world. In the game, the players are forced to divide as colonies and factions and they do have to compete, wage war, and cooperate for survival. The world of Population Zero is amazing and exciting.

The creatures that occupied in this game are dangerous and intelligent, and each one has a unique position in the ecosystem. In the game the developers added an amazing survival genre, the ecosystem of the strange planet is very sensitive, in the attempt of survival, you disturb the planet too much you will perish. 

The game is progressing with all the feature along with a hidden story that the players are gradually trying to unlock the mysterious planet and do a search for clues. While discovered the fate of the ancient, lost civilization may give overpower to your enemies.

Population Zero is an amazing game with varied features and a groundbreaking title. Thus this game has the energy to become one of the top popular MMO games in the future. 

33. City of Titans

City of Titans is a superhero MMO game as developed by Missing Worlds Media. This amazing video game will be available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and macOS. The game will function on a buy-to-play model, with an optional subscription. This game will make you excited and feel enthusiastic. 

City of Titans you can see the players are capable and freely take on the role of fully customizable superheroes or supervillains. Player characters have been designed from the ground up – everything from the costumes to the powers, animations, and backstory of the character you have to choose, it’s all up to you. 

City of Titans comprise multiple interactive stories, choosing options are given to the plays extremely, the players have the choice to play being a paragon, mastermind, street hero, and crime lord, as well as the storyline, are set to be unique in combination. 

The open world of Titan city will allow the players to fly, teleport, swing, run, and jump across a seamless area with no loading times. City of Titans takes the place once the beloved legendary heroes are occupied.

City of Titans is an amazing game gives full excitement and fully features loaded to become a superhero.

34. Ship of Heroes

This game is an MMORPG being developed by Heroic Games. This game is available for Microsoft Windows.

Ship of Heroes has featured a customization style with a high depth in the game. The Characters in the game is changeable in both in appearance and abilities to the topmost extent. Likewise in other game here do not have any class system. Mixed players and abilities to play in the match from different set give a unique play style. Harvesting, crafting, and trading are a prominent part of the game. Ship of Heroes is set on a travelling spaceship as per the design everyone has a job. The nature of the job depends on what quest lines are available to you.

The game is full of friendly and don’t have any restrictions, the game’s welcome setting and the customization made this game a fresh experience in the world of MMORPG’s.

35. Valiance Online

This game is a superhero MMO being developed by SilverHelm Studios. The game is available on Microsoft Windows.

 Valiance Online, the plot is set at the beginning of the 22nd century the superheroes and villains in the game come to battle at the futuristic city.

Players are free to choose between twelve archetypes which are mixed and matched to fill a plethora of unique, hybrid roles. Valiance Online comprises more than 90 distinct superpowers which can be combined to form a unique play destination.

Valiance Online is a dynamic, energetic, compelling and real-life superhero world. The choices that players made in the open-world city of San Cielo are purposeful and significant.

 A good customization system and a strong combination of both PvE and PvP content makes this an excellent contender to the legacy of City of Heroes.

36. Conqueror’s Blade

This is an upcoming tactical action MMO being developed by Booming Games. Strongly believing that this project will be published by MY.GAMES exactly at the end of 2020 for the Microsoft Windows and an Xbox One version is also in the project.

Conqueror’s Blade allows players to over-power control of an army and commands it in the broad open world. Players in the game are to fight for land and power in an active and changing open-world. Trading, gathering, and improving your holdings are the essential element of staying in power.

Players are free to choose any 10 powerful warlords with distinct fighting styles. You can mix all these heroes and matched with different unit types to form your strong army. When comes in the combat, it is based in equal parts on strategy and using the potential and combinations of your warlord.

Conqueror’s Blade plot has an authentic medieval warfare experience set in a beautiful 1000 square kilometre map, this game has become one of the best MMO games out there.

37. Reworld Online

This video game is an interesting modbox MMO as it is developed by Qwerty Studio. The developers didn’t announce the release date set, but, surely, the game will be available for Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux.

 Reworld Online game is built using the advanced latest technology to allow players to create the MMO worlds that they are free to play in and share with others.

Players are allowed to create and modify their races, levels, events, house designs, dungeons, and gameplay systems.

Reworld Online developers promising many features that isplayers can create their world and PvP has also been announced.

Looking for an MMO? Reworld Online is a unique platform for promising players.

38. Astellia Online

This is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Nexon. The developers announced that the game will be published by Barunson Entertainment near the end of 2019 for the Microsoft Windows.

Astellia Online added a new feature that is a monster card system that is used to the combat mechanics. Players can collect and combine monster cards to wanted powerful companions called astells into battle.

Players can choose any five traditional classes and can supplement their playstyle with companions. The game world consists of many small-scale four-man dungeons, 20 man raids, and instanced PVP zones.

The robust dungeon system, a tri-faction system, and guild wars will give the game a better experience. The colourful graphics and a unique card system make this a game one of the best MMORPG.

39. Chronicles of Elyria

This is an upcoming MMORPG being developed by Soulbound Studios. The developers yet not announced a release date. The game will be available for Microsoft Windows.

 As an ambitious project, the game’s starting continent is around 1152 times larger than Skyrim.

The game world is completely constant – resources will be exhaustible, mobs won’t reappear after having been killed automatically, and player characters will eventually die permanently.

While in the play once a player’s character dies, whether it may from combat or old age, players can adopt the role of their character’s heir. This new character will gain a higher skill learning rate.

When a player is disconnected, their character will act as an NPC. Players are free to take part in an intricate politics system and rule over entire kingdoms. There are no defined classes, and the combat is arranged on skill-based. Considering all these Chronicles of Elyria has the potential to become one of the best MMORPG games of all time.