Interactive Art: The Majesty of Colors

themajestyofcolors.pngLink: The Majesty of Colors

Genre: Interactive Art/Storytelling

Creator: Gegory Weir

Content Rating: Potential for death

When thinking about the games I’ve played and reviewed over the years, there are always a few titles to spring to mind immediately when I think about my favourites. It could be something that was really weird, a game that resonated with me personally, or just something particularly addictive, or creative, or with a great soundtrack. Gregory Weir of Future Proof Games’ The Majesty of Colors is one of the games I trot out most frequently when talking about memorable games, partly because it’s so immediately distinctive and unique. In it, you control the tentacle of an enormous underwater beast, who takes a sudden interest in the world above when a spark of color from a passing balloon catches one of your many eyes. To play, just click and hold to extend your tentacle towards the cursor, and release to pull back. Figuring out how to use this to interact with your surroundings, and how doing so may direct the course of the game to one of the five different endings, is up to you.

themajestyofcolors-2.pngIt’s this abstract approach to letting your choices guide the narration that makes The Majesty of Colors stand out so much, along with its dreamy, otherworldly feel. It’s short, likely less than five minutes for you to reach an ending, but the way you play around and discover the way the things you do impact the game’s story makes it all the more striking. Is it weird? Sure. But it’s an appealing weirdness that makes for exploring and creativity within a story that adapts rather than constricts. It’s a great concept that could have been developed even further, but still feels complete as it is, and is well worth playing for anyone who wants to see games that tell stories beyond the norm.


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