Point-and-Click: Jamming with Grandma

jammingwithgrandma.pngLink: Jamming With Grandma

Genre: Point-and-Click Adventure

Creator: Carmel Games

Content Rating: All Ages

For most kids, hanging out with their grandparents is a pretty sweet deal. Later than usual bedtimes, all the things you aren’t normally allowed to eat at home because your grandparents know spoiling you is the way to your heart, and all the blackmail material you could possibly want in the form of old photos of your parents. In Carmel Games’ short point-and-click adventure Jamming With Grandma, however, it’s Kaitlyn’s turn to help Granny out as she tries to get together all the ingredients needed to win the jam contest at the Senior Center. Too bad the other little old ladies and their less than scrupulous sons aren’t about to play fair. To play, just click around to interact with things, keeping an eye on the way your cursor changes whenever it passes over something you can click on. If you want to try combining items you’re carrying, just click on first one, and then the other in your inventory at the bottom right corner of the screen!

jammingwithgrandma-2.pngLike a lot of Carmel Games titles, Jamming With Grandma is both cute and profoundly weird. “???” is the most common thought process as events unfold, but not necessarily in a bad way… everything Carmel Games makes is always appealingly goofy, and a game about a little girl dealing with kidnappers and YouTube pranksters while trying to help her grandma win a cooking competition is hardly the strangest thing they’ve come up with. It’s cute and silly enough that some players might find it a little too simple or immature, but its sense of humour and whimsy is exactly what will appeal to others, especially those looking for a fifteen minute diversion. As usual, don’t expect every puzzle solution to be strictly logical, but hey… if Kaitlyn can deal with bombs and sawblades, you can handle a little bit of funky clicking!


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